Central Air Conditioning Usage Tips for the Summer Months

Summer is when a home’s central air conditioner is usually tested given the higher demand for its cooling power. With such elevated usage patterns, most households are already expecting an increase in their utility bills each month, but would of course appreciate a slightly lower bill.

Apart from the increase in utility bills, the summer months can also be a time when some central air conditioning units break down. This holds true especially for homes that do not have their central air conditioning units professionally checked for maintenance on an annual basis. The breakdowns usually are not just uncomfortable and inconvenient, it usually is expensive. Most of the time, once the central air conditioning breaks down, the problem is already complicated. Unlike if periodically checked, central air conditioning issues could have been nipped in the bud, fully prevented, or addressed right away when the concern is not yet too huge to merit expensive repairs, part replacements, or worse, untimely pulling out of old unit and purchasing of a new one. Air Conditioner Installation For Summer

Tips for Summer Air Conditioning

It is easy to not think much about using the air condition in the summer months, since it is already a given. Careful use though comes to mind when bills suddenly escalate or when the unit suddenly encounters issue, or worse, breaks down. There however careful ways to utilize the air conditioning unit, for it to run better. Moreover, there are also ways and things household members can do so they can stay comfortable within their home without having to overwork their central air conditioning.

Call for professional maintenance check before the onset of summer.

Periodic routine maintenance check for the central air conditioning unit should be carried out right before the months when the AC will be used to the brim – summer. This schedule will not only ensure that the air conditioning unit will not malfunction when it is needed most, it also ensures that the homeowner will not have to wait to be serviced because air conditioning technicians are not as booked during non-summer months.

So what are the benefits of having a periodic maintenance check before the onset of the summer months? For one possible concerns will be nipped in the bud. If there are operational issues, leaks, need for a refill of refrigerant, safety issues and what not, these can all be addressed right away. Right before the unit will be used and expected to perform at its best. It will also mean a longer lifespan for the air conditioning unit, and a safer operation that benefits the health, wellness, and safety of the whole household.

A professional central air conditioning check would also mean that the outdoor and the indoor units of the central air conditioning system will be thoroughly cleaned using the appropriate professional tools that could definitely clean the central air conditioning system. This means the coils as well as the other system parts will be cleaned out thoroughly, lessening the need for more electricity just to operate the air conditioner.

Replace or clean out the HVAC Filter

While this one should be done on a regular basis all year round, this has to be done at least before the summer months if it has not been done from the start of the year. Some may have to be replaced, some may just have to be cleaned out, but regardless of that this one can be easily carried out by the homeowner and has to be done on a regular basis.

While replacing the HVAC filter, it will also be best to clean out and clear out HVAC registers within the home. For instance the outer portion of the registers should at least be rid of dust and other dirt, and carefully cleaned out. The homeowner should also ensure that the registers and vents are not being covered by draperies, curtains or other pieces of home furniture.

Clean out the outer unit

Like HVAC Filter replacement, cleaning the outdoor unit should also be done all year round. When the outdoor unit is situated near a tree, or an area that is quite dusty like the roadside, cleaning of the outdoor unit is a must and should be done on a regular basis. If before the summer months the homeowner is still unsure about the last time he cleaned out the outdoor unit then it is definitely time to clean the outer air conditioning unit. Indoor Air Quality Association

Help from the fans

Installing supplemental electric fans and ceiling fan units could be very helpful in moving cool air around the house. This means that the air conditioner would not have to work doubly harder to keep a room comfortable, it just has to maintain a certain temperature. This would also cool people inside the house since they can control where the cooler air from the fans go.

Here is a video guide on how to clean the outdoor unit of a home air conditioner.