Top tips on saving on air conditioning and furnace operating costs

Air conditioning and heating costs represent almost half of the utility bills a household pays every month. In areas where either heating or cooling is crucial for comfort, families have come to accept that cooling or heating expense is something that they cannot do away with.

Here are some ways to save on utility costs.

But like any consumer, most homeowners would appreciate saving on utility costs. Fortunately, there are ways to scrimp on heating and cooling bills without sacrificing the whole household’s comfort.

Here are some tips on saving on air condition and furnace operating costs:

1. Seal the gaps. Whether it is heating or cooling, sealing the gaps, and replacing weather stripping could be a very effective way to save on utility costs. Why? It does not allow the air inside the house to escape through the gaps, and at the same time, it disallows the air from the outside from penetrating the house. A more stable temperature inside the house would mean lesser work for either the furnace or air conditioning system. The less energy exerted to cool a home, the lower the bill.

2. Make use of the drapes. Curtains and heavy drapery can be beneficial in insulating the house from sun rays, which can make the air conditioner work harder to cool the room. On the other hand, the drapes can also help in preventing drafts entering the house, making it easier for the furnace to keep the home warm.

3. Use of electric fans. During the summer months, electric fans, including ceiling fans, can be beneficial in spreading cold air all over the room. Electric fans also help in cooling household members who have just gone out and are feeling too warm. Instead of lowering the temp and making the air conditioner work harder, the household member can feel cooler and more comfortable using an auxiliary fan.

4. Dress appropriately. People should dress according to the weather, even when at home. Appropriate indoor clothing means wearing sleeveless cotton clothes and light shorts during the summer, and flannel pajamas, socks, and sweater in the winter. Dressing inappropriately indoors can make the air conditioner or the furnace work harder than it should, consuming more power, and charging higher electricity bills.

Apart from the four tips, homeowners should also make sure that their furnace and air conditioning systems will get a regular annual maintenance tune-up. This yearly periodic checks will ensure that the furnace and the AC are both working on an optimal condition, there are no issues in the offing, and that the systems do not consume power it need not consume.

This video shows some wrong notions about saving up on air conditioning costs.