Old Fort – we also have a summer garden in our restaurant

Old Fort Restaurant in the heart of downtown has been serving up homemade favorites and familiar American comfort food to locals for years. A local favorite and an important part of the city’s history, Old Fort is now getting even better, with the recent unveiling of their summer garden.

The summer garden is a great place to enjoy a sunny day, as well as a delicious meal. Visitors can lounge on comfy seating available on the patio or dine in the al fresco section right outside the dining room. For those looking for a more intimate experience, there are private tables scattered amongst the lushly landscaped area.

The garden itself provides a beautiful backdrop for outdoor dining, featuring lush flowers and vines that are brightened by fountains and colorful hanging lights that subtly light up the space at night. The centerpiece of the summer garden is a wood-burning oven that cooks specialty dishes and allows guests to customize their experience. Specialty cocktails and craft beers are also available to be enjoyed inside or outside of the restaurant.

Old Fort’s summer garden adds to this already charming atmosphere and adds to an already popular menu. Guests can enjoy favorites like chicken parmesan, steak bites, and Build-Your-Own Burgers, as well as some new creations from chef Jonathan Ewing such as honey garlic wings and vegan pot pie.

No matter if you’re looking for a romantic dinner for two or need somewhere to take visitors, Old Fort’s summer garden makes for an ideal spot for lunch, dinner, or drinks al fresco. Let Old Fort bring a little bit of summery charm into your life this season!

Old Fort, one of the most popular restaurants in town, recently confirmed that they now have a summer garden available for their guests. Located right next to the restaurant itself, the garden provides an additional seating option and is even pet friendly!

This garden offers guests an idyllic atmosphere while they enjoy a delicious meal or drinks. For those who are concerned about the weather ruining their outdoor dining experience, there are escape umbrellas available to be used in the case of unexpected showers. Additionally, chairs and seating options have been specially chosen to offer more comfort and space.

The garden also features a variety of plants, both exotic and autochthonous ones, to create a thematic environment. The natural elements present in the space give it a unique touch that can only be found at Old Fort. For this reason, it has quickly become a guest favorite for its atmosphere and its focus on nature at its best.

Besides providing guests with a special setting when dining outdoors, the garden at Old Fort also allows them to come up close and personal with the typical plants that thrive in the area’s climate. This makes it easily one of the best places to appreciate local vegetation while enjoying a bite of food or something to drink!

With its new summer garden option, Old Fort has established itself as an ideal spot for guests looking for an idyllic outdoor dining experience while still able to count on quality food and drinks being served. Make sure you drop by this incredible restaurant soon to check it out!